Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More Success Stories

I continue to be blown away with how quickly my Pay-to-Play course students are incorporating the one-on-one work we have done in ways that are leading to regular bookings, and in some cases, dramatic success.

Here are some more examples of the results my students are seeing:

Jason Huggins has booked several jobs since we worked together, including a series of training modules, a commercial for a university, the audiobook version of 30 Days to Social Media Success, and a recruiting video for the Victoria Police Department. Jason has become a regular favorite on Voices.com as well.

Kurt Colehower took my course a couple of months ago, and has not only booked several jobs through the online casting sites, including two in one day on Voices.com, (congrats on the 5-star feedback, Kurt!,) but he has also landed a recurring role as the voice of a golf tips segment airing nationally on Fox Sports!

Star students Brady Hales & Michael Brang continue to light up the online marketplace as well. Brady has booked over a dozen jobs on Voices.com alone since taking my course, and has become a regular in the top 5 on the favorites list. Moreover, he has used his new insight into how to dominate the online marketplace to further the career of his wife Elizabeth as well, and she has also booked nearly a dozen jobs online since Brady took my course! What a team!

Michael Brang also continues to steadily book new work, and has become a favorites list mainstay as one of the up and coming stars in the online voiceover community.

Folks, the stories of these talents speak for themselves. The success rate for people who take my one-on-one Skype course on dominating the online voiceover, (P2P,) marketplace is staggering, verifiable, and bankable. Contact me today at jmichael@jmcvoiceover.com to sign up. 30 minute and 1 hour sessions are available, and every single one of my students receives complimentary follow-up counseling via email.

Find out now why successful voice talents are telling everyone that my course is the best money they ever spent!

May this be a successful summer for everyone!

All the best,
J. Michael