Monday, January 16, 2012

Ready to Conquer the P2P Voiceover Marketplace?

Two years.

That's how long it took me to rise from the ranks of the uninitiated to the very top of the P2P voiceover industry. In that short period of time, I have established an online brand that is second to none among talent, and have completed some of the most interesting and rewarding projects of my career.

P2P Voiceover sites are intimidating to many talents, new and established alike, but they don't have to be! Like any other business venture, they require a combination of strategy, determination, and ability, but they CAN be conquered.

In just two short years, I now find myself booking at least a job per day from the main P2P sites, and have established long term relationships, (including retainers and contract work,) with dozens of loyal clients. I have also had the honor of being added to Voices.com's Experts Faculty of voice coaches and trainers. The people who say you can't make a living from Voices.com and Voice123.com, (among others,) are simply incorrect. It CAN be done, and success can be achieved with very little initial cost.

If you are an established talent, (as I was,) then you already possess the skills to succeed in this arena. For new talents, sites like Voices.com and Voice123.com will prove incredibly effective in helping you to determine whether voiceover is the right career for you.

This blog is intended to help guide both new and established talent through the murky and confusing waters of the P2P voiceover marketplace. Watch this space for new posts with strategies and advice on how you can achieve the same level of success on these sites that I have.

Personalized, individual counseling on conquering the P2P marketplace is also available by visiting http://jmcvoiceover.com/links.html

May 2012 bring you the success and enrichment that you deserve!

J. Michael